Bar Skipp App

Side Project


About the project

Every music enthusiast loves going to live events when their band is in town. The downfall of the events is waiting on lines for  beer or snack to go with that next act on stage.


Getting a beverage or a snack at a live event is typical, but those always have overwhelming lines.

  1. What if you’re running late for that specific artist?
  2. What if you want a refill but you might miss your favorite song?


Create an app that allows users place an order to the bar avoiding lines and wait time. Once the order is ready for pickup the app notifies you!

Discovery & Research

I started by conducting a survey with five participants and two interviews to determine the basic pain points that an app like this can improve attendee experience.

01 | Personas & Customer Journey Map

Based on the information gathered, I created two personas and CMJ to understand the possible issues the user experiences and what can be introduced.

02 | Information Architecture

An information architecture then was created to gain a better view of how the app will operate and to get an overview on features to include.

03 |User Flow

I created the user flow after IA diagram, that depicts the steps and actions in specific order/sequence that the user must take to get the task done.

Design Process

Since this app is meant to be used in dark spaces I wanted to go with a dark theme, as a person who wears glasses and is light sensitive, my own experience showed that it’s easier on the eyes to have a dark mode in a dark environment. For the color palette I was inspired by neon lights in clubs and bars. With some adjustments and playing around with accessibility values I was able to create complementary theme where neon green is used on the impartant assets.

For typography I decided to go with san-serif and few weights to keep the design simple, modern and easy to read.

I created a suite of icons to support some visual ques. I wanted to keep them simple and modern to match the rest of the design. The icons are geometric, line art with a curved corner on the line for a softer look.

Final Design