LRN Website

Visual Design
UI Design

About the project

LRN is a company that provides e-learning solutions in Ethics and Compliance space.

Following LRNs’ visual brand evolution, I was tasked with UI and visual design of the website rapid iterations that would multiply the site’s traffic and conversions.


page views per month


visits per month


demo submissions per month






new contracts


LRN was lacking clear messaging, imagery to support the business and their platform and overall structure in information architecture.


Over the course of seven months, we ran multiple small iterations focused on customer centric design testing out how our content and visuals have performed with our target audience.

There were several teams that led specific researches. Marketing team was putting personas together and content team was researching messaging. I was part of the design team doing visual research on the competitors.


Before starting on wireframes, I set down with the design team to decide on the which direction do we want to go with the imagery and how can we create clear visual distinctions on the areas within the website keeping consistency.

At this stage we decided to use each of the five primary colors to represent each section.  Selected a contrasting distinct color for conversion CTAs. And licensed photography that is human-centric, personable, relatable and  represents diversity.

Ideate & Prototype

The website was built in Wordpress originally. The company did not have budget to rebuild a custom site from skratch, so I created lo-fi wireframes in Figma, referring to the components available in the template and how the layout can be improved.


After few months of testing we finally were able to clean up the navigation by creating clear categories for the business. We have created solutions category, targeting each industry and how our product can help them. We kept the product, education and advisory categories but we condensed the content to show only what is relevant.

Visually the UI is clean and modern, very easy to get around. Each category was represented by a different brand color to further distinguish the content. The company’s mission is people, so we replaced the abstract photography bringing in relatable more personal touch. The user can easily find the company’s mission and a clear story of who LRN is.

The website is an ongoing project and is consistantly being updated as the team writes new content and we constantly test which design layouts perform better.